Annual Dinner and Speaker

Saturday, April 28, 5:30pm

Elks Lodge, Hoquiam

Advance reservations are required by April 18

5:30pm Social and No-host Bar; 6:30pm Dinner; 7:30 speaker

Surviving in the Anthropocene

Speaker: Larry Workman, Quinault Indian Nation

In the past, the human race was able to survive by adapting to relatively small climate shifts. However, today humanity has created a situation where the climate is warming at an unprecedented rate along with altering the environment in many different ways. Larry’s presentation will look at some of the worldwide changes while focusing on Quinault Country. Melting glaciers, changes in river flow patterns, rising sea levels, invasive species, altered landscapes and many other environmental changes are challenging the Quinault Indian Nation. Quinaults are facing these consequences and deciding how the community, culture, and economy will need to change in order to survive in the future.

Larry Workman

Larry Workman is the Centralized Communications Department manager with the Quinault Indian Nation (QIN). He grew up in Indiana and began his career in natural resources and communication following his graduation from Purdue University in 1970 with a three year tour of duty in the US Peace Corps on a reforestation assignment in Northern Ethiopia. He is a national award-winning photographer, who’s worked with the QIN since 1974. He helped lay the foundations for the QIN forestry program. Then using his photography and interest in natural sciences he produced several books, 40 QIN annual calendars, edited a natural resources magazine, co-editor of the Quinault Nation’s monthly paper Nugguam and produces the QIN General Council Report along with numerous other tribal publications. Larry has served on the board of the Washington Press Association from 1990-2002, serving in several positions including president and high school contest director.

Dinner: This year‛s Annual Dinner will offer a scrumptious catered meal by O‛Brien‛s Catering located in Aberdeen. Dinner is served buffet style with your choice of several entree options. Sign up for this important event on the Registration Form.

Fundraising: Participants will have a chance to support the education program at Grays Harbor NWR. Money raised is used to fund an AmeriCorps member who coordinates the program and provides classroom lessons on shorebirds and conservation to 3rd and 4th graders in Grays Harbor County. The money is also used to provide the bus transportation to the Refuge for participating classes. Last year’s donations were $5225. We would love to see that amount increase this year.

Ruddy Turnstone Photo by John Whitehead