Family Activities

Featured below is a virtual field trip to the sandpiper trail (developed in 2020 for the Shorebird Education project) Please note that this can take a few minutes to load. The Shorebird Education project is open to 3rd and 4th grade students throughout Grays Harbor County. This resource continues to be helpful as we can reach a broader audience of students and families in this virtual format.

Families are encouraged to get out on the Sandpiper trail at the Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge as well as other areas around the harbor to witness the spectacle of migration.

Want to learn more about birds before you head out to the shore? Check out one of these National Audubon Society pages to learn how families can help birds.

Audubon Adventures

Audubon for Kids

Click here for downloadable crafts and activities for children

Ever wonder what the shorebirds are eating out there? Click here to learn all about their mudflat meals.

New to Shorebird Identification? Click a link below to be taken to a variety of instructional videos. Please note, that you will be taken to YouTube and leave this website.

Birdwatching Tips: How to Identify Shorebirds 5.37 minutes with 5 tips to help with identification.

Identifying Shorebirds 7.03 minutes put out by Peterson Field Guides.

Shorebird Identification & Ecology 35 minutes and covers Grays Harbor.

sandpiper trail

Activities during the 2019 in-person Festival

Mask Making by John Keith

Mudflat Meals Activity by Jennifer Cutillo

Costumes by John Keith